Bitton Time Trial Comp 2021-22

The Bitton Road Runners Time Trial competition, organised by Chris Brown last year, were run with great success. I am hoping to continue the trend and get the competition going again. This will take us into the new season and into the Club Championships and the Race of 8 in 2022!!
You can run the distances as fast as you can or submit training times. The idea is to give members something to work towards each month and get/keep ourselves racing fit.
Each month up to the end of the club membership year will be a distance for you to record a time for. The distances get progressively longer so all members have plenty of time to build fitness to compete across all distances:
September: 1 mile
October: 5k
November: 5 mile
December: 10k
January: 8 mile
February: 10 mile
March: Half Marathon

Note the 1 mile time trial, which many members have already run, can be used as long as you have the evidence

Posted: 14 September 2021
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