Mob match

Mob match result. Unfortunately a number of people at the mob match didn’t get a time. I understand the anger and frustration of those affected and have heard people say that they feel they didn’t count and wouldn’t do it next year. Firstly I want to assure everyone that they all played a part and share in the great result that Bitton achieved,  the whole point of the mob match is to get people there and it was possibly the biggest turn out ever, it was a great night for the club and you should all be proud. Unfortunately regarding the club championship it’s a different matter. After a lengthy discussion at the committee meeting it was very reluctantly decided that as not everyone who ran has an official time then we can’t count anyone’s times for the club championships and age graded championship. The race of 8 is unaffected, because we have everyone’s finish position we can still allocate points as normal. I have personally run the mob match every year, even though I don’t like the course, I’m always so proud to run for Bitton and especially in team events, nothing like this has ever happened in the ones I’ve ran and I’m sure lessons will be learnt and it’s very unlikely they will let this happen again. I really hope that your not put off running again next year, that would be a shame after such a great result this time.

Posted: 28 July 2017
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