Race of 8

Following the cancellation of the Wiltshire 10, the final race in the new race of 8 competition the committee, as a whole, has decided the following.


Currently, the constitution states that any replacement race needs to be run before March and the race that has been cancelled needs to have been cancelled 1 month before the race date. 


Obviously, this is not the case with the Wiltshire 10.

Given that this year the competition has changed to only 8 races, losing one race has a bigger impact on the competition than it would have when there were 15 races and currently, there are 10 people who had entered Wiltshire and competing in the competition who are currently on 4 races and will subsequently miss out through no fault of their own. There are also a couple of close battles going on in categories that were going to be decided on the final race.


After a lengthy discussion, the committee can see no reason why this 1-month rule is in the constitution (how often do races get cancelled more than one month in advance?) and have therefore decided that the race will be replaced, and replaced with a race before March. This feels like the common sense approach as the clubs competitions being successful is a main priority.


It was decided that it should be a cheap local race given members have already lost their entry fee so the Pomphrey 5K on Tuesday, 25th February will be the replacement. This will give a fair chance to members who had set about competing in the competition to have a fair crack of the whip and is of no detriment to anyone.


Furthermore, the committee over the last few months has been analysing the constitution and will be proposing some changes at this years AGM so situations like this do not arise again.

Posted: 08 February 2020
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