Signing Course

A number of you have indicated that you would like to do the on line signing course.

If everyone who said they were interested does it we can get it for £16 per person. The committee have agreed to subsidise this by £6 per person so we only pay £10 each but there needs to be pay back. That is, we need anyone who takes advantage of the subsidy to commit to supporting our hearing impaired members by signing and chatting to them so they understand the notices and feel more included . In addition we will need people to sign at the beginning of races and events etc. We might not be experts but by doing this together we can practise. It's an online course so you will need to access it and have a go but we could get together sometimes to practise. Lyne has suggested 'Wine and Sign' which sounds good to me .

So if you are still interested please let m know and either transfer £10 to club account or give me £10 at the club. I will then register us a group to get the group discount.



Posted: 19 October 2019
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