Midland Road Relays

We are going to try and get a Men's team together to take part in the Midland Relays on Saturday, 23 March. 
This is a 12 Stage Road Relay Race, organised by Midland Counties Athletic Association. The race has 4 legs around the 9K mark and the other 8 around 5K. In order to participate you will need to be a first claim member to Bitton and affiliated to England Athletics. If there is enough interest then we have the possibility of arranging a minibus there and back, subject to bribing someone to do the driving!
If you are interested then send Rich Kershaw a message, either using the contact form on this website or via Facebook.
There is already strong interest in a Women's team but if you are interested in making that team then please speak to either Lynette or Lucy.
Posted: 13 January 2019
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