Social Run And BBQ

On Thursday 31st August the club will meet at somerdale pavilion for a social run and BBQ. The course is idea for those considering the winter cross country series and want an idea of what it's like. The BBQ will be approx £4 , there is a bar and showers and changing facilities. There will be no runs from the clubhouse. 

Posted: 18 August 2017

Bristol Half

Really sorry to those of you who wanted discounted price for Bristol Half. As we haven't got 20 runners the organisers won't honour the discounted price. I will arrange refunds for those of you who have paid. You may want to pay full price or enter a cheaper race- maybe Chippenham. So sorry- I did try!! Jan 

Posted: 18 August 2017


The latest footprint is now available

Posted: 04 August 2017

Mob match

Mob match result. Unfortunately a number of people at the mob match didn’t get a time. I understand the anger and frustration of those affected and have heard people say that they feel they didn’t count and wouldn’t do it next year. Firstly I want to assure everyone that they all played a part and share in the great result that Bitton achieved,  the whole point of the mob match is to get people there and it was possibly the biggest turn out ever, it was a great night for the club and you should all be proud. Unfortunately regarding the club championship it’s a different matter. After a lengthy discussion at the committee meeting it was very reluctantly decided that as not everyone who ran has an official time then we can’t count anyone’s times for the club championships and age graded championship. The race of 8 is unaffected, because we have everyone’s finish position we can still allocate points as normal. I have personally run the mob match every year, even though I don’t like the course, I’m always so proud to run for Bitton and especially in team events, nothing like this has ever happened in the ones I’ve ran and I’m sure lessons will be learnt and it’s very unlikely they will let this happen again. I really hope that your not put off running again next year, that would be a shame after such a great result this time.

Posted: 28 July 2017

One To One Mentoring

Chris Brown, our club captain, is offering 1-2-1 mentoring to all Bitton Road Runners members.

Chris is a long time coach at Bitton and has mentored lots of runners and helped gain many a PB throughout the years.

This opportunity is open to everyone from first timers to experienced runners.

He will guide you all the way by building you a training schedule which will improve your running, technique and form.

If you want any more information please contact Chris in person or email at

Posted: 05 June 2017

Kath O'Connell

It is with great sadness that we have had to say goodbye to our lovely friend and fellow Bitton Road Runner, Kath O’ Connell - who was the longest standing member of BRR, having joined the newly formed ‘Bitton Puffers’ in the second week of its life in 1986

Kath was in her 40’s when she started running with Bitton, but her determination and her cheerful personality made her the best running companion. In her day, she ran many events including numerous half-marathons and 10ks and a full marathon in London. Training runs were always eventful and enjoyable and those long runs helped forge friendships that have lasted a lifetime. It was often mentioned that if there was less talking and more focus on the running then times would be improved!

Kath was probably the most well-known member of the club, having dedicated the last 30+ years to BRR. She was secretary for most of this time, only relinquishing the job in recent years - and was the first person we all met when we entered the club. She would welcome new members, making sure they were buddied-up and had someone to run with - and she must have taken thousands of pounds in 50ps over the years.  She always had a cheery smile, even when life wasn't treating her so well.

About 10 years ago, Kath was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine check. Although this rocked her world she was determined to remain cheerful and conquer the disease. Following treatment Kath had a number of years in remission and although she never returned to running she was able to enjoy her other passions - walking with Terry her husband, a rambling group and the girls on a Thursday night. She loved to dance and in particular loved country music. Terry and Kath would often travel great distances to meet friends and dance on a Saturday night which they kept up until quite recently. She was an active member of the WI and would organise events and trips. She was an amazing flower arranger and her garden always looked beautiful. Kath loved to shop and always looked so stylish.

Last year Kath learned that the cancer had returned and this time it was in her liver and bones. She underwent severe treatment with quite aggressive chemotherapy and although she was in pain at times and felt fatigued she still made it to the club on a Tuesday and Thursday when she could, to collect the 50ps and to check in with everyone with a cheery smile.  Recently Kath started to look much better and her new ‘Annie Lennox’ look was amazing - we were all so hopeful. So, it was with enormous sadness that we learnt that the cancer had taken hold once again and she had to start the chemo once more. This time she reacted very badly to the chemo and was admitted to hospital where she was diagnosed with Sepsis. Sadly, Kath lost the battle during the night of Saturday 18th February Terry and her daughter Julie were with her.

Kath had 3 beautiful grandchildren - Amelia, Callum and Ethan, all of whom she was incredibly proud.

Words cannot express the sadness we all feel now. There will be a huge gap in the club, but we must remember the legacy she left - that of positivity, hard work and commitment to Bitton Road Runners. She was a dear friend and we will remember her often.

Kath, we miss you - Rest in Peace.

Kath's funeral will be on Monday 27th February at 2.45 in Westerleigh.

Posted: 23 February 2017

Bristol 10K/Half Marathon Discount

There is a 20% discount for entries to the Bristol half and 20k if over 20 members want to enter, that's £22.40 for the 10k and £30.40 for the half, still more expensive than before but at least it's something, let us know if you want to enter.
Posted: 27 January 2016

Club Vests

Club Vests are now available from Chris and Janet Brown. Easy Runner no longer stock the vests. The vests will be priced at £16.00 (make cheques payable to 'Bitton Road Runners'). Please pre-order the vests, they will not be stored at club and will need to be paid for before you are given one. The vests are now made of a more modern fabric. Sizeing is the same as the old vests: Mens-XXL, XL, L, M, S        Ladies- XL, L, M, S, XS,. 

Club vests must be worn for all club competitions and team events.

Posted: 25 June 2013