Midlands Relay

Midlands 17 March 2018.

As of writing the men and ladies have a complete team each. However we may possibly need people as reserves. Our entry has to be made by Sunday so if you would like to be a reserve or have a burning desire to race we need to know by Thursday at the latest (some runners have other commitments but have put themselves forward so you could still be straight in the team!).

Posted: 19 February 2018

Race of 8 update

Brian has updated the Race of 8 tables to include all Weston Prom races to date and the Wiltshire 10.

Go and have a look and check your standings, there are 2 prom races left this season and the Rodway 10K.

There are a few members who can still get to 8 races and get a top 3 finish and a trophy for their category.

Don't misss out!!

Posted: 13 February 2018

Ladies win again

Bitton ladies team of Lucy Wallace, Liz Sanigar and Lynette Porter were first team at the Wiltshire 10 on Sunday. Well done again ladies 

Posted: 13 February 2018

Midland Relays

Our entry to the Midland Relays on the 17th of March must be submitted by the 25th of February. If you are intrested please contact Chris Brown, Lynette or Jodie.

The men's relay is split into 12 legs: 8x3.16 miles and 4x5.38miles.

This will be a good club day out... if you are new to Bitton and intrested in being part of team events please ask us what it is all about!

Posted: 07 February 2018


Hi everyone.

Would anyone like to take over from me (Brian) in running the club website?

It mostly involves adding events and results to the website - but basically you'd be responsible for everything on the site.
I can explain it in more detail should anyone want to take the role on.

I've done it for just over six years now but I don't really have the time for it anymore with various other projects going on.
So hopefully someone else can pick it up going forward and bring in some fresh new ideas.

Update: Richard Kershaw has offered to take over from me.
So I'll still be around, helping out in the background while he learns the ropes but for now Richard is in charge here.

Posted: 06 February 2018

New Club Record

Congratulations to Jake Hayes for setting a new Male Vet 45 club record at Staverton 10M.
The previous club record was  01:00:16 at Derwentwater. It is now 00:59:49.

Posted: 01 February 2018

Race Of 8 Events For 2018/19

15/04/18 Frenchay 10k - 

06/05/18 Run the River 15K-

28/05/18 Hogweed Trot 10k - 

05/07/18 Tintern Trot-  approx 6 miles

26/08/18 Severn Bridge Half Marathon- 

02/09/18 Wentwood Wood Lark approx 8 miles

16/09/18 Melksham 10k 

21/10/18 White Horse Gallop 

18/11/18 Sutton Benger Flyer 5 miles


2019 Dates TBA

Doynton Hard Hilly Half

Slaughterford 9

Wiltshire 10 miles

Walcott Whopper 10k

Plus your best result from any of the Bitton 5k series.

Posted: 08 January 2018