2022 Race of 8

The Race of 8 has been announced with some races attracting discounts.  Contact Andy Rogers for details...

Frenchay 10k, April 24, 2022 - A 10k charity race held in Frenchay

Bratton Hilly, May 28, 2022 - An 11k picturesque, challenging, multi terrain course with panoramic views held in Bratton and organised by Redfish Events.

* Magor 10k, July 30, 2022: This race was part of the Ro8 in the 2020 season and was deferred due to Covid.  It has now closed for entries but those who entered in 2020 can use the 2022 race as part of their Race of 8.

Severn Bridge Half Marathon, August 28, 2022 - Running between sea and sky over the iconic Severn Bridge organised by Severn Bridge HM Ltd.

Oldbury Power 10 Miler, September 11, 2022 - Fast and flat, the perfect ingredients for a new PB!  Organised by Thornbury RC.

Riverbank Rollick, January, 2023 (TTBC) - A 10 mile off road running event! Fun but challenging.  Organised by Thornbury RC.

Longleat 10k, February (TTBC) - A 10k race starting in front of the magnificent Longleat House... Undulating, hilly and beautifully scenic.  Organised by 2.09 Events

In addition, our own Bitton 5k series (May - August, 2022) and Weston ACs Weston Prom series (September, 2022 - May, 2023) are included with a choice of 4 and 9 races respectively (your fastest race from each series)

Posted: 09 November 2021

Bitton Time Trial Comp 2021-22

The Bitton Road Runners Time Trial competition, organised by Chris Brown last year, were run with great success. I am hoping to continue the trend and get the competition going again. This will take us into the new season and into the Club Championships and the Race of 8 in 2022!!
You can run the distances as fast as you can or submit training times. The idea is to give members something to work towards each month and get/keep ourselves racing fit.
Each month up to the end of the club membership year will be a distance for you to record a time for. The distances get progressively longer so all members have plenty of time to build fitness to compete across all distances:
September: 1 mile
October: 5k
November: 5 mile
December: 10k
January: 8 mile
February: 10 mile
March: Half Marathon

Note the 1 mile time trial, which many members have already run, can be used as long as you have the evidence

Posted: 14 September 2021