Bitton Road Runners Kit List

ItemPrice (£)Size
Hoodie14.95 (Lady fit available)S M L XL
Full length Zip Hoodie18.30S M L XL
Waterproof Jacket26.70S M L XL
Full length Zip Fleece19.65S M L XL
Round Neck T-Shirt (100% Cotton)8.65S M L XL
AWDis Cool T- shirt (running material)9.35 (Lady fit available)S M L XL
Polo Shirt11.85S M L XL
  • All prices listed are plus £1. The listed price is the amount payable to KITco. The plus £1 is made payable to Bitton Road Runners and is a mandatory donation to club funds, as agreed by the club committee.
  • Size and style information on request.
  • Club Vests are now available from Chris and Janet Brown. All items are ordered on request on a weekly basis.
  • Please ask about other items. We will try to meet your needs.
  • Vests must be worn for eligibility into club championships. You will need a vest to take part in certain club events: Castles, Cotswolds and Mob matches.
  • Prices correct for 26/10/2012. All prices include VAT.
  • Payment on delivery of item. Cheques made payable to ‘’ and Bitton Road Runners.
  • For kit enquires speak to Chris Brown at the club or email: Chris Brown.